We take great pride in the commercial projects we’ve completed over the years for clients in Central New York. Regardless of the challenges we may face, our team works tirelessly to finish the project both on time and on budget. Here are just a few examples of the work we’ve done for clients in the Mohawk Valley and the surrounding area. We’re always happy to show examples of what we can do, so if you’d like to see more, please feel free to contact us. 


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Paris Town Park, Pond Remediation October 2015


We worked together with the Town of Paris Highway Department. This allowed the town to minimize the total cost of the project.


 The town park officials obtained all necessary D.E.C. permits. With a visit from the environmental conservation officer, we were given the green lite to continue with the project.


  • Pumped out the pond

  • Cleaned out a sediment basin at the head of the pond

  • Cleaned out three to four feet of silt and sea weed

  • The highway department restored the lawn areas that were damaged from the heavy equipment

  • A water storage tank was replaced, the source of water for the pond


The project lasted for about three weeks due to the weather conditions. However the ultimate task was achieved. To reclaim its beauty and functionality of a town landmark


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Hamilton College Porous Parking Lot

This project took place during the summer months of 2015.


A relatively new parking lot design for the Mohawk Valley, this project is more environmental friendly than past designs. The black top surface is completely porous, allowing storm run off to penetrate the surface. It has a stone base, filter fabric and an extensive amount of drainage pipe. This gives the parking lot the ability to store the water, allowing it to run off at a much slower rate than your traditional parking lot. The system also relies on evaporation and absorption.


  • Silt fence installation along with manhole protection bags

  • Clearing site of brush and trees

  • Removal of topsoil areas

  • Removal of old black top areas

  • Removal of old curbing, a good amount was reused on the new project

  • Sub-graded entire site

  • Installed storm sewer system

  • Installed retention basin

  • Installed site lighting

  • Installed filter fabric over sub grade (dirt)

  • Installation of stone base material #3 and #1 stone

  • Installed granite curb

  • Installed brick pavers for new sidewalks

  • Top soiled lawn areas

  • Planted trees

  • Seeded an mulch all lawn areas

  • Installed porous black top

  • Installed parking lot stripping

  • Removed silt fence and man hole protection bags. Only after we had 80% growth of our green areas.


The job was completed before college classes began in 2015. We worked in collaboration with Hamilton College staff and their hired engineering firm.


We constructed the project 100% with our GPS system!


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Clifford Fuel Citgo, Commercial drive New York Mills, NY


This project started December 2014. A complete site renovation of an aging facility. We reworked the entire site with our GPS system.


  • Installed silt fence, along with all storm water protection systems

  • Performed demolition of the old car wash

  • Cleared site of trees and brush

  • Topsoil removal

  • Sub graded site

  • Installed retention pond for storm water

  • Installed storm sewers

  • Installed a storm water silt separator

  • Water line installation was performed

  • Excavated and backfilled car wash foundations

  • Installed sanitary sewers

  • Installed base material for parking lots

  • Performed demolition of old store

  • Excavated and backfilled foundations for new store

  • Prepared all side walk areas

  • Top soiled lawn areas

  • Placed sod on lawn areas

  • Black top (done by others)

  • Stripped black top


We worked in collaboration with Clifford Fuel staff to end up with a professional, well functioning project.

The job was completed mid summer of 2015.


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Working for Murnane Building Contractors, the McConnellsville Elementary School is just one of the 3 schools within the Camden CSD that work is being performed. Part of the 2013 Capital Renovations project, McConnellsville School consists of a complete renovation of the bus loop, faculty / visitors parking areas and building entry sidewalks. Project began in May of 2014 and substantial completion is scheduled for the fall of 2014. Pictures show the removal of existing asphalt and concrete walks along with preparation for new asphalt and concrete walks and corresponding lawn repair. 


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This job kicked off in April of 2013. It started out with the SWIP, which was maintained throughout the duration of the project. We also excavated, allowing Bette and Cring to complete their foundational work for the building’s new additions. Throughout the course of the project, we performed a number of different tasks including:


  • Installing a complete septic system featuring two large concrete septic tanks and a pump station, which sends the gray water to a leach field (which we also installed).

  • Removal of old parking lots and sidewalks.

  • Installation of stormwater dry wells, which were incorporated with storm sewers.

  • Construction of three retaining walls, including one fairly complex wall.

  • Fine grading of parking lots in order to allow the paving contractor to complete his portion of the work.


We also filled parking lots and sidewalks with base materials in order to allow construction to continue successfully and on a tight deadline. 


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The work on this project began in September of 2013, with the SWIP beginning immediately, starting with the installation of the silt fence and catch basin protection. From there, the focus shifted to removal of trees, shrubbery, and topsoil.


After this was complete, our team began the excavation process, encountering some unexpected challenges as we went. We had to remove the foundations of a number of old buildings that were blocking the progress of the project. We did this using our hoe ram capabilities. We encountered a challenge again when dealing with the main electric service running in the existing building. We corrected this situation by installing a solider pile retaining wall, which was approved by a certified engineer.


Once the excavation was done successfully and our undercuts were backfilled and tested, the general contractor was able to proceed with the concrete work. From there, the backfill process took place, which included the use of base materials for a parking lot and loading dock area. Curbing, asphalt, and topsoil with seeding followed.


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This job was a parking lot expansion and building expansion. We relocated pre-existing water mains and storm sewers, and from there we installed two large parking lots, with a retention pond on both. This project featured a significant amount of foundation excavating and backfilling work. This included work on a courtyard located in the center of the existing building. We successfully converted the courtyard area into a rehab section of the building. Work on this project began in August of 2011 and was successfully completed in September of 2013. 

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This project was the second phase of construction for the Acacia Village Independent Retirement Living-Masonic Care facility. It’s situated on a 400-acre, amenity-rich campus in Utica, New York. We began the site preparation in November of 2009. This work included silt fence installation, as well as tree, brush, and topsoil removal. These items were then placed in a stockpile in order to properly reclaim the site.

We spent the winter excavating and backfilling the new foundations, while also working new water lines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and focusing on parking lot and road construction. The project wrapped up in June 2011. This was an especially exciting addition to our portfolio, done for a top-notch organization. We’re glad to offer 24/7 emergency water and sewer work, and are happy to make these services available to members of the Masonic community during times of crisis.


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We were brought in to deal with a 4-inch water main break that ran alongside a 12-inch water main. Both pieces were situated beneath a sanitary sewer. This job took place on the Hamilton College campus, on a -10 degree day. We installed a stainless steel clamp in order to quickly and successfully repair the water main. 


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This project kicked off in the summer of 2005 and was successfully completed in 2007. There were some unique challenges that our team had to overcome as they got to work, which included the presence of a 33-foot high shoring wall. The structure was built into the side of a hill and was situated in close proximity to other buildings, meaning that open excavation was simply not an option. Our team successfully worked around this challenge in order to complete the work in a timely fashion. 


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This project began in the summer of 2006 and wrapped up in May of 2007. The scope of the work was fairly typical of the development projects we usually see. The structure required some foundation underpinning.

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