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We’re proud to offer complete commercial site development packages, which include site preparation, underground utility installation, roadwork, and foundation excavation. We provide our clients with a seamless offering of services in excavation, trucking, and small demolition. We make it easy for them to tackle the projects they need to get done, without having to rely on a number of different service providers.


No matter what pro, you need it done correctly and on-budget the first time around. That’s why customers trust our years of experience and deep industry knowledge. We rely on superior equipment, and carefully develop a plan in order to adjust to any unique challenges that your site may present. No matter the size or scope of the project, you can trust Murphy Excavating Corporation to get it done quickly and correctly. We’re your single-source solution for both commercial and residential projects. 


We’re a bonded, fully-insured and full-service firm, focused on all areas of site development and preparation. Our expert contractors live and work in this area, and know exactly how to serve homeowners and business owners in the Mohawk Valley most effectively. 


We hire only the most experienced and dedicated equipment operators. These professionals offer top-notch site development services to business owners in the Utica-Rome area. Our team handles:


  • Land clearing and grading

  • Installation of water, sewer, and electrical lines

  • Paving/curbing

  • Landscaping

  • Additional services necessary for proper site development


While some of our competitors claim to be up to the task and then quickly get overwhelmed, we’re able to successfully tackle jobs of any size on a tight deadline. Quality remains a top priority throughout all stages of the project. 


Unfortunately, issues with water and sewer lines pop up unexpectedly, leaving you with a serious crisis that requires immediate attention. We’re here when these situations arise, and are glad to provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, within 30 miles of the Utica area. Give us a call and we’ll fix the issue quickly, properly, and for a reasonable price. It’s no surprise that our clients feel a great sense of relief when they see our team pull in to resolve an emergency situation. 


We gladly provide tri axle dump trucks, lowboy trailers for heavy equipment, flatbeds, dump trailers, and tag along services. 


We offer two sizes for those requiring hoe ram services: a more compact air hammer and a larger hydraulic hammer. We have the capability to remove most concrete, bedrock, and even frost during the frigid winter months. If you have a hard material that you need to remove and simply can’t do so using traditional digging methods, trust Murphy Excavating to take care of it for you. 


We offer two different types of laser technology. The first is an electronic laser, which is used for shooting grades, enabling precision leveling. We also rely on a sewer laser, which shoots a red beam that is perfectly straight. This beam can then be set at a specific grade in order to allow proper flow on piping. 



Our vehicles come standard with a top of the line GPS layout system, which allows us to execute precision site work. Our D6n dozer is also outfitted with a system that enables the machine to perform fully automated grading. We can run grades as close as five millimeters; this machine is a truly innovative piece of technology. 

As well know all too well, wintertime in Central New York can be relentless. That’s why we’re here to help you manage snow accumulation. We offer snow removal services, as well as salting and sanding of parking lots on a per call basis. 


Murphy Excavating is glad to subcontract our services out to other firms in need of our expertise. We do this for both large and small jobs. 


Available services include back hoe, track hoe, bulldozer, grader, and loader options. 


We carefully excavate any trench so that you can have underground service brought into your home, business, camp, or vacation spot. This makes room for water lines, sewers, electric lines, telephone lines, cable, and other amenities. 



We carefully clean brush, trees, and other debris that has accumulated on your property, leaving the space looking neat and tidy. We use a variety of tools to handle land clearing, including chain saws, chippers, brush hogs, dozers, and excavators, and can handle both simple and complex clearing jobs. 


We sell a number of kinds of material, including:


  • Topsoil

  • Crusher run type 2

  • #1 Crushed Limestone

  • #2 Crushed Limestone

  • #3 Crushed Limestone

  • Medium stone fill (man-size riprap)

  • #1 round colored landscape stone

  • #2 round colored landscape stone

  • Stone dust (Limestone)

  • Mason sand

  • Concrete sand

  • Sand salt mix


These walls are necessary in order to prevent hills or embankments from eroding and seeping into the rest of your property. Retaining walls are highly effective on terrain that is so steep that it is unable to be mowed or easily walked upon. You have the option of using man-made materials or natural stone, depending on the desired look.

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